Pathway to Survival Posts

  • A new world is possible – thinking about Te Taiao

    Opinion piece by Caz Sheldon What if we in Aotearoa NZ were to treat the climate and ecological crises as the emergencies they are? How can we join together to help turn the country quickly towards solidarity and survival? Correction: “We’ve been exporting 40 times the amount of food that we eat. (Not 40 times […]

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  • Creating a Pathway to Survival Through the Coming Storms

    Pathway to Survival invites all those working for transformational change of Aotearoa – whether climate action, social justice, constitutional reform and Te Tiriti justice or protection of whenua, awa and taiao – to come together in 2023 in a cohesive movement with a platform of demands that we put before the public and the politicians.

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  • Pakistan Floods and New Zealand’s Climate Change Policy

    Opinion Piece by Francis Johnson September 3, 2022 As I write this a large part of Pakistan is underwater, causing human misery on a scale I find hard to imagine. A cold hard truth is that these floods would almost certainly not be happening if it weren’t for the greenhouse gas emissions of the industrialised […]

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