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This series of webinars looks at the deep changes we need to create a pathway to survival.

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Peak everything, what does that mean for food and energy futures?

Mike Joy

1 September, 2022

Civilisation is facing peak everything, and climate change is but one symptom. We are hitting the limits to growth we were warned about from the 1970s.
Dr Mike Joy looked at our possible futures – sustainable and unsustainable, He considered how we are exceeding biophysical limits in Aotearoa and how we all take cheap fossil fuel energy for granted. We need to make the energy transition away from fossil carbon – this has major implications for how we produce our food and use our energy and the kind of lives we lead.

The slides from this presentation can be found here.

About Dr Mike Joy

Mike has been working for two decades at the interface of science and policy in Aotearoa and is well-known as a strong advocate for urgent, decisive action to protect our whenua, awa and Te Taiao which we depend on for survival. This Frank Films video “Dairy Farming on the Plains – was it a mistake?” is one example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ugg5B8MyeAM.

Why should climate activists care about the Tiriti?

Catherine Murupaenga Ikenn

18 August, 2022

Catherine (Te Rarawa, Ngāti Kuri) is an indigenous rights activist working on human and environmental rights in Aotearoa and overseas. She’s held positions as Senior Indigenous and Minorities Fellow at UN Pacific Field Office in Suva, as Negotiator for the Ngati Kuri Historical Treaty Claims settlement and Indigenous Human Rights Fellow at UN in Geneva.

In this webinar Catherine talks with Torfrida, building a solid case for the inclusion of indigenous voices at all levels of activism.

Using less – and sharing it more fairly

John Minto & Jason Hickel

4 August, 2022

A brief video by Jason Hickel on ‘why less is more’, followed by a presentation by John Minto on how we can and must end inequality through taxation reform.