Align Foreign Policy

Align Aotearoa’s foreign policy with these measures.

What Must Be Done

  • Ensure that international agreements and investment arrangements support the government to take effective action to protect te Taiao.
  • Collaborate with other countries to meet these goals.
  • Shift NZ’s military spending away from armaments and warfare more towards peacekeeping and rescue.
  • Take a non-aligned position internationally and support negotiation initiatives.
  • Support and welcome Tangata o Te Moana who are displaced by sea-level rise.
  • Support the Global South’s call for the countries of the Global North to cancel debt in order to make reparation for their long-time exploitation of Global South resources.


The world is at increasing risk of the major global powers warring over dwindling resources of fossil fuels, other minerals, productive land and water.

Aotearoa is also likely to come under pressure to take climate refugees from many countries as more regions become uninhabitable due to heat and then sea-level rise.

A non-aligned position, alongside other countries of the Global South, may offer Aotearoa more security than aligning with the major powers like USA or China.

Skills in negotiation and non-violent communication are needed more than ever before as we move into dangerous times. Aotearoa has a proud history of non-violent responses to existential threats, e.g. the 800 year Moriori story, and Parihaka.

The ordinary people of Aotearoa have more interests in common with the ordinary people of the world than with the privileged elites. We aspire to be good allies.

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Caz Sheldon
Caz Sheldon
1 year ago

Good call. And please talk more about our unique responsibility towards the refugees from swamped Pacific islands. Will we see gunboats all around trying to keep them out? Aotearoa was theirs originally. And they are not big GHG emitters, unlike New Zealand.
Does a high emitting country have responsibility towards those that aren’t? in my view, yes, totally

Joanna Santa Barbara
Joanna Santa Barbara
1 year ago

Congratulations, XR. I like the way you look beyond our own borders and seek to align our foreign policy with what needs to be done.