Te Taiao

Repair and protect the land, water and wild areas we depend on for food and life.

What Must Be Done

  • Expand local food self-sufficiency.
  • Ensure safe drinking water in all communities.
  • End use of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser and move to regenerative food production.
  • Expand carbon sinks – reserve areas of bush, wetlands and ocean, and expand urban tree canopy.
  • Cease bottom trawling, create marine sanctuaries to prevent fishing and mining in 30-50% of our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
  • Cease international trade that causes deforestation or other ecosystem destruction in other parts of the world, e.g, palm oil, palm kernel extract.


Aotearoa’s whenua and awa are our sole protection from starvation in the event of supply chain failure and ending of food and fertiliser imports.  

It is critical that we repair and protect our land and water from the intensive irrigation and overstocking that has led to soil and waterway degradation harmful to the health of humans, animals and the whole ecosystem.  A fast transition to regenerative, sustainable forms of farming and land-use is crucial.

The bush, forests, wetlands and ocean help protect us from planetary heating by acting as carbon sinks to soak up carbon emissions. Maintaining and expanding tree canopy everywhere, including in cities, is important.

Papatūānuku in all her forms is not to be owned.  She is our collective protector and in turn must be protected and honoured.  It’s crucial that tauiwi let go of the western model of property and resource control – the easiest way of doing this is to acknowledge mana whenua as kaitiaki of the land.

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Bob Mathieson
Bob Mathieson
1 year ago

I have been and am an active supporter/teacher/promoter of establishing resilience within community development projects. I have a long history of Permacultural practice based on natural systems. Every solution to our complex degradation of environments both social and ecological can be found through biomimicry, education, and of course action. There is an understory of great people out there with skills and intellect that needs to be coordinated into a collective energetic force for change and the greater good for everyone and everything. It is a resource that awaits organization and mobilization. Our survival as a species and all species depends on this movement of that resource and the change it will precipitate. We all know we must do something and fast. The pathway to that place of survival must be a concerted effort and clear of toxic self-interest, high in integrity, and inclusive. Noho ora mai, Bob.

1 year ago

This solution is a natural partner for the End Emissions Solution. The two of them should be welded together as a hammer with which to bash away persistently at Fonterra, exposing the evil Greenwash it has been spreading for decades.