Here are some key sources of the ideas in the Solutions pages. They include written/spoken material, as well as key activist campaigns.
We invite you to add to this list, by using the comments field under each Solution, so we build up a collective resource of useful material.

Tiriti-based justice and co-governance
Matike Mai report [link]

Te Taiao
Newsroom & similar articles on nitrates & dairy

Economy of Enough
Jason Hickel – Less is More
Kate Raworth etc

End inequities
Max Rashbrook
State Housing campaign
Taxation reform campaign

Use Less Energy
Deirdre Kent on rationing
Jack Santa Barbara on rationing
Jason Hickel – Less is More on reducing waste
Molly Melhuish on localised energy systems

Stop Emissions
IPCC report
Fossil fuel subsidies
Dairy and methane emissions

Plan and rebuild

Aligned foreign policy
Global South call to cancel debt – campaign
Pacific climate refugees